A Salute to our Heroes by Brod Sluggo Rigor UPD ’60


The event was an initiative by the fraternity in the Northwest, in cooperation with the IDIC and key veterans’ and widows’ organizations, to pay tribute to our fast-fading WWII heroes. Weeks before the event, joint letters of invitation were mailed to major community and veterans’ organizations. The July 2nd mid-week was a solemn and moving ceremony following buffet lunch that was hosted by our venerable and generous Brod Joel Sim who also invited a duo of a ceremonial Bagpiper and Drummer. Adding pomp and color were The Colors team of the Philippine Scouts Heritage Society-Calugas Sr. Chapter. In his keynote speech, Brod Joel spoke about Filipino traditions and values in the context of honoring the old soldiers. He also spoke about the Fraternity’s plan to sponsor a Professorial Chair to conduct an academic research on the true role of the Filipino warriors in helping win the war in the Pacific. Also joining the ceremony was B/Gen. Oscar Hilman who briefed the gathering of 150 noontime guests about the campaign in the US Congress to pass a bill honoring all WWII veterans, still living or not, with a fitting Congressional Medal. The IDIC capped the event with giving a plaque of appreciation to the Beta Sigma Fraternity-NW and the veterans’ and widows’ organizations that were present. Grand Princep Nic Panlasigui thanked all participants for the signal honor of having the opportunity to pay tribute to the aging heroes.
The noontime event ended with group photos to record a most memorable and unprecedented initiative by the Fraternity.