About : The Beta Sigma Fraternity – Brotherhood of Scholars

The Beta Sigma Fraternity –
Northwest USA Chapter

The Beta Sigma Fraternity, a Greek- letter brotherhood, stands for the Brotherhood of Scholars. It was established in 1946 immediately after World War by a group of student leaders from the University of the Philippines, De la Salle College, and Ateneo de Manila on Padre Faura, a district of educational institutions in the heart of war-torn Manila. It has grown since then into an organization that spans almost all the major colleges and universities in the Philippines. On the international level, the fraternity continues to grow and has become a distinctive ” center of gravity ” for alumni members of the brotherhood who now lives overseas. It has evolved into a structure through which the fraternity’s tradition of scholarship, nobility and service are afforded opportunities to be demonstrated.

In the U.S. Pacific Northwest, specifically in Washington State, Beta Sigmans command enough membership to constitute a full-pledged regional chapter that is duly recognized by the Beta Sigma Fraternity Federation of North America, the brotherhood’s governing body in the U.S. The chapter was officially organized on August 19, 2001 in Seattle. The Charter Grand Princep was Dr. Ed Cuevas, a participating physician in Tacoma who manages and operates his own clinic and does extensive research for major affiliates in the field. Brod GP Ed has been the chapter’s foremost advocate in sustaining scholarship programs for deserving students in the Philippines. After his term, U.P. College of Forestry Betan Cosme Santiago of the University of Washington took over. Brod GP Cosme’s term is remembered for the chapter’s yearly medical missions to the depressed provinces in the old homeland in close cooperation with the Filipino – American Physicians of Washington ( FAPWA ). It was also during his tenure that the chapter hosted its very first fraternity ball which was attended by Brods from all over the U.S.

The chapter has also distinguished itself in cultural events by sponsoring and organizing performances of the world-famous University of the Philippines Concert Chorus, in Seattle.

Incumbent Brod GP is Dr. Nick Panlasigui, ( Batch 74/Far Eastern University – NRMF), former President of FAFWA and the leading proponent of sponsoring performances of the U.P. Concert Chorus in Seattle. Each year during the Philippine Independence week celebrated at the Seattle Center, Brod GP Nic joins his peers in FAPWA in offering free clinics to the public.

The rich variety of disciplines represented in the northwest chapter reflects the broad diversity of professions of brothers in the 67 – year old fraternity. Beta Sigma brothers in the northwest come from such fields as medicine, engineering, forestry, biotech, arts, the military, media, medical technology, agriculture, health care science, and many more.


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